Harry Potter Message in a Bottle – Always…


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The Harry Potter Message in a Bottle is a quirky keepsake gift for that special loved one in your life. This is suitable for a Husband, Wife, Dad, Sister, Uncle, Best Friend or just someone you think is magical…”After all this time…Always” – Severus Snape

The Harry Potter Message in a Bottle is definitely different. It comes with a black satin cape tied with wine coloured ribbon and glasses charm, decorating the bottle neck. Inside your Harry Potter Message in a Bottle your personalised message scroll is printed on to a selected scroll and tied with golden ribbon. The Message in a Bottle also contains sand and shells and small confetti stars and frogs.

Your Harry Potter Message Bottle is placed safely in wood wool and packed in a white cardboard postal box, to make an original and thoughtful gift. (The scroll message should contain no more than 250 words, however if longer an additional scroll can be added, or text size altered.If in doubt, please e-mail us.)

At an additional cost there are options you can choose to personalise your gift further. These can be gift wrapping, chocolate coins or adding a special photo to your scroll. Just select the options you would like to include, to make your Harry Potter Message in a Bottle, a personalised special edition.

Weight0.4 kg
Dimensions18 x 5 x 5 cm
Scroll Type

Parchment Paper, Cotton (£2.00), Linen (£2.00)